What We Do

At the heart of our mission beats a relentless pursuit of excellence. As seasoned veterans in the vibrant realm of orthodontics, boasting decades of expertise in sales, marketing, management, and operations, we are fueled by an unwavering commitment to empower orthodontists and their teams to shine brightly amidst competition.

With our skill in tailoring established methods, harnessing the individual character of each practice, and offering fresh perspectives, we craft personalized strategies tailored to each client's needs – from fledgling startups to established multi-specialty practices. Our approach avoids the confines of a "one-size-fits-all" solution, ensuring a truly customized experience.

We provide a comprehensive array of services, including onsite and virtual team training, practice consulting, and business coaching, all complemented by a diverse range of focused master classes. Our pledge to collaborate with you is steadfast – we are not only here to offer encouragement, but also to spark creativity, alleviate stress, and guide you in realizing your practice's mission and vision.

And for those outside the orthodontic realm, fret not! We take immense pride and enthusiasm in partnering with general and pediatric dentists, facilitating seamless integration of orthodontic treatments or clear aligner therapy into their practices.

Together, let's embark on a journey to:

Our Programs

At Align My Practice, we take great care to craft services that not only meet but exceed the unique goals and expectations of your practice. We continually refine our offerings based on client feedback and emerging industry trends, integrating the latest studies, benchmark goals, cutting-edge technologies, and innovative strategies to unlock your practice’s maximum growth potential in our dynamic field.

To ensure dedicated attention and support, we deliberately limit our active client roster to just 15 practices at any given time. This focused approach allows us to fully integrate ourselves into your team, standing beside you as partners on your journey towards growth. By maintaining a small client base, we minimize our overhead costs, enabling us to pass on substantial savings directly to you. Your success is our priority, reflected in our unbeatable fees and our steadfast commitment to delivering exceptional value and return on investment.

Our comprehensive suite of services includes customized master classes, long-term growth and support programs, assistance with talent acquisition, and engaging team and culture-building events. Each facet of our service is meticulously tailored to empower your practice to thrive in today’s fiercely competitive landscape.

Meticulously Designed

To surpass your unique practice goals and requirements

Cost Effective

We offer exceptional value with our tailored solutions to ensure success

Ongoing Support

We don't just deliver training - we provide continuing guidance to ensure successful implementation

Partner With Us

When you partner with us, you can expect enduring growth, unwavering support, and a true cheerleader who will dream big with you and help you achieve your goals. We are passionate about empowering your team members to become rockstars in their respective fields and take your practice to new heights. Join us today and experience the difference that Align My Practice can make for your practice.

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